DDS System

As is the case with every solid building, the plinth gives it the necessary strength, so is it here at DDS Academy. The doyens of faculties come across as the plinth for every student upon which he or she builds a career. The unique teaching methodologies coupled with steadfast commitment and dedication of the faculties, brings out the best in the student.

Taking into consideration that all courses and curriculums are different for board examination and competitive examinations, DDS academy has appointed varied faculties who iron out these differences in the most academic fashion. After all the Boards & Entrance Examinations only facilitate ones admission to Engineering or a Medical College.

Teaching Methodology

With due respect to the Boards and various competitive examinations, one has to put in respective levels of application and study. Both these demand high levels of study. But study with understanding which results in true learning is what we endeavour for at DDS Academy. This happens in a phase wise manner, thus:-

  • The 1st phase deals with preparing the students for the Board and State Entrance Examinations. With the help of skilled and experienced faculties at DDS Academy, each student is analysed for and imparted the necessary tailor made teachings that buoy his/her learning and confidence to face these Board and State Entrance Examinations.
  • The 2nd phase prepares the students for the various entrance examinations like JEE (Main) & AIPMT.
  • The 3rd phase prepares those students who developed and are a cut above the rest and capable enough to crack JEE (Advanced) & AIIMS examinations. Special training modules are in place for such students.

Study Material

This forms the back bone of the DDS Academy. The various modules that you will read of ahead all ultimately are focused at getting the student over the line for contention to crack the Boards, and competitive exams.

Evaluation Sheets

The DDS Academy has designed a unique, level wise module so that the students can be evaluated and as per each individual's requirements, special learning can be imparted. Each student clears one level and then graduates to the other, which is tougher than the earlier one.

At Level 1 - Evaluations are designed for the students to prepare for the Board and State Entrance Examinations.

At Level 2 - Evaluations become tougher and this prepares the students for the JEE (Main) & AIPMT entrance examinations.

At Level 3 - Evaluations are the toughest & prepare the student to face JEE (Advanced), AIIMS & AFMC examinations.

Evaluations at level 1 and 2 are compulsory for all students. Those students who clear level 2, qualify for the 3rd level.


At each of these levels, mentioned above, there are special tailor made assignments designed for students to help them learn and understand what it takes to crack these Board and State Entrance Examinations.

Daily Practice Sheets (DPS)

These tracks the progress of students. These reflect the curriculum taught, and act as an evaluation platform on the understanding level of the student. Both the students as well as the faculty then can bring in certain changes, if allowed, in the line of teaching & practice.

Testing Ecosystem

Apart from the Daily Practice Sheets, regular tests for Board Syllabus, JEE and Medical Entrance Examinations are conducted every fortnightly or as per requirement.

Test Paper Discussion

After every test, there is a brainstorming session, to discuss the prowess at the test. Standard printed answer sheets are provided to all students in these sessions. This helps the students to analyze their performance versus the desired.

Doubt Session

The DDS Academy believes in conceptual teaching. With a focus on actual learning, fundamental concepts are taught. This filters out mugging up. As a consequence of concept teaching and learning with understanding, that many doubts and queries arise. Students are encouraged to put forth these so that the concerned faculties could iron them out by providing personal attention to the students with great levels of precision.